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Standard and special screws
Standard and special screws
Company's philosophy

History of the Company

The company Schraubenwerk Zerbst GmbH can look back at many years of tradition and experience as a manufacturer of large size screws even though the property has changed hands several times in its history. The company was founded by the engineer Heinrich Meinecke in 1919, and was called Anhalter Schraubenfabrik Meinecke & COKG in Zerbst.

In its first years it manufactured mainly cold pressed screws and nuts. The company supplied first and foremost the car industry in America, UK, India, the Netherlands and Denmark with its products.

In 1930, with a staff of 150 employees, 60.000 screws were hot formed per day. Automatic presses and lathes got their energy from a company-owned power station.

After being involved in the armaments industry in Wold War II as a supplier of screws for tanks and military vehicles, the company was nationalized by Soviets in 1945.

Turned into a nationally-owned enterprise it resumed production although considerable parts of the factory had been broken up.
It started operating under its new name VEB Schraubenwerk Zerbst in 1947.

Although the new beginning was very hard its annual output gradually increased, amounting to 288 t of screws and 61 t of rivets in 1950.

A year after the Berlin Wall fell, in 1990, the company´s market, which was nearly exclusively the domestic market and Eastern Bloc-market, broke down.
A trust company, named "Treuhandanstalt" took charge of continuing production simultaneously reducing the staff of the company numerically.

The company got the new name „Schraubenwerk Zerbst GmbH".

In 1992 it was bought by ZETIEBA Straßen- und Tiefbau GmbH, a road building company which had its registered office in the same administrative district. The new company appointed a manager who had experience in the screw market. In 1998 the managing associates of the successful road building company Eckhard Schmidt and Willi Neckmann took over the management of SWZ themselves as managing directors.

In the few years since its privatization Schraubenwerk Zerbst GmbH has developed into an efficient and profitable company with a modern structure.
The company has not only succeeded in setting up itself as the meanwhile most important German manufacturer of screws for railfastening systems.
It is also getting considerable shares of other market areas,such as Mechanical Engineering, Construction of cranes and vehicles, Wind Power Industry, Steel Construction and Mining Industry.

Nowadays, the prominent trade marks SZ in rail fastening and ZERBST on standard and special bolts can be found around the world.

The new owners and their staff are tackling the task of mastering the demanding challenges of the new millenium with enthusiasm and confidence.


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